Central Minnesota Safari Club International

2016-2017 Scholarship Form

The Central Minnesota chapter of Safari Club International is offering up to three $1,000 scholarships to emerging college students, in a designated area. To qualify for the scholarship you must meet set criteria. Applicants must be entering college; this scholarship is not available for current college students. Applicants must also reside within the designated region, but their choice of college isn’t limited to this region. Applications will be accepted till March 15th. To begin filling out the scholarship application click ‘begin.’

The Scholarship Deadline is March 15th, 2017.
Applications will be weighted in favor of the first 200 Applicants.


General Information

To begin, fill out your name and contact information. It is important that your Current School is listed so it is filed in the correct region. The GPA field is recorded but it will benefit or hamper any applicant.

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Scholarship Questions


Current Goals

What the Safari Club sees in an Individual is what altruism they participate in. As such the Activities and Organizations an applicant belongs to are taken as factors for deciding a scholarship winner. The choice of study by an applicant is also an important factor to determine what the individual aspires to achieve.

School Activities and Organizations:
Activites and Organizations
outside of school:
What college do you plan to attend:
What is your intended major:


The Safari Club

We value our principles in The Central Minnesota Chapter of the Safari Club International, as such these two final questions are pertinent to deciding a winning candidate for one of the scholarships.

What is your knowlege of the Central Minnesota Safari Club International's mission objectives:
Central Minnesota Safari Club International sees the recipients of this scholarship as the future of conservation. In 500 words or less, how do you plan to use your education to further the efforts of conservation?


Thank you!

The three winners of the 2016-2017 Scholarship will be contacted in time for this years scholarship award ceremonies. We look forward to reading your application.